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The American Legion, commonly known as the Legion, is a non-profit organization of U.S. war veterans headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. It is made up of state, U.S. territory, and overseas departments, and these are in turn made up of local posts. The organization was formed on March 15, 1919, in Paris, France, by a thousand officers and men of the American Expeditionary Forces (A. E. F.) and it was chartered on September 16, 1919, by the United States Congress.  Post 288 was orignally chartered in November of 1919, and has served Limestone County and the surrounding area ever since.

Commander: Russ Foster
Vice Commander: Annita Childress
Adjutant: Warren Miller
Finance Officer: Charles Nance
Sergeant at Arms: Glen Clark
Chaplain: Milton Wiley
Judge Advocate: Daniel Burkeen
Service Officer: Joe Robert
Historian: Annita Childress
Auxiliary Unit 288
The Auxiliary is much more than the name implies. The organization has achieved its own unique identity while working side-by-side with the veterans who belong to The American Legion. Like the Legion, the Auxiliary’s interests have broadened to encompass the entire community. Unit 288 embodies the spirit of America that has prevailed through war and peace.  If you are eligible, come and join us!

Unit President: Mary Foster
Secretary: Nettie Willett

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  • Groesbeck, Texas, United States